Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Food I Eat /My Cancer Diet

    I thought it was time to explain a little bit about the foods that I eat, since those are the recipes that you will be seeing here. I try to follow the seasons and what they have to offer. I eat a primarily plant based diet with a focus on eating a variety of whole organic foods. That said, I am not a vegan. True, most of the recipes here will be vegan, but I reserve the right to throw in an egg, or a splash of dairy now and then. Especially when I splurge and get a little decadent. I rarely use any kind of sugar or sweeteners except for whole fruits, but being a former baker, I do indulge on occasion, especially when celebrating with others.
   I'm not about using substitutes either.  You won't see any meat or dairy substitutes here. And as far as tofu goes, while it is certainly fine for most people, there is a lot of controversy over tofu as it relates to certain types of cancer. I avoid it most of the time.
   We all have to decide what is right for our own bodies and beliefs. This is my diet. It is what I believe is right for me. I hope that my recipes will appeal to everyone, but especially to those on restricted diets, or those striving for optimal health who may be having a hard time finding delicious foods to replace the familiar loved foods that they may no longer be able to eat. 
   Being on a restricted diet can be difficult, even if it is self imposed, as it is in my case. Don't fear food or resign yourself to a bland monotonous diet. Take the challenge of creating delicious inspired food. Expand your palate.
   Try new foods even if they seem weird or unappealing. Other cultures are a great place to find new foods and tastes. By taking an interest, and taking a chance you will start to have fun with food, and begin looking forward to every meal.
   Remember that recipes can be altered to suit your needs. If you see a recipe that interests you, but has ingredients that you can't have, deconstruct it. Keep what attracted you to it, and reconstruct it into something you can eat, something new.  Sometimes you may come away with only a sauce, but it may be one that makes everything you can eat taste great.

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