Friday, November 6, 2015

Just Me

fun fall window box

  If you read the first post introducing this blog, you are probably wondering where my friend and blog partner Margaret is. Well, the last time I saw her she was perched on a chair going head first through her kitchen window.

   We had just spent a lovely morning sitting outside one of our favorite restaurants enjoying a cup of tea.  We were lucky enough to have caught one of those rare warm sunny fall days that appear and disappear this time of year, until they give way completely to the cold of winter, making every ray of sun something to savor.

   We were on our way home when she realized she didn't have her keys. I was driving, and when I had picked her up her husband was home, so she had no need for her keys to drive or to lock the door behind her. Of course shortly thereafter, her husband left for the day. Isn't it funny how the brain remembers something we forgot to do without our thinking about it. So it was. It just came to her. "I think I forgot my keys". Sure enough, she searched her pockets and found no keys. Luckily one of her windows was not yet in permanent lock down for the season, and we were able to break in. I held the chair. She hoisted herself through the window.

   Have you ever locked yourself out? It's a terrible feeling to be locked out, to be denied entrance to the safety of one's own shelter. I haven't done it recently because my door requires being locked from the outside with a key, but because arriving home having lost or left my keys elsewhere is a possibility, I keep an extra key in a secure location.

   While Margaret and I still meet regularly for tea, it became apparent that she doesn't have time to post on this blog. She would really like to, but found that at the end of the day it just wasn't possible. I know I can still count on her support and inspiration, and I am ever so grateful that she got me into this, but she won't be posting any time soon. I guess that means that your stuck with just me. I will do my best.

  I hope that this blog in some way lets those with cancer know that they are not alone, and that yes, cancer is scary, but it's not the end of life. I like to say that cancer may kill me, but it's not going to ruin my life. And for everyone else reading (cancer or not) let's eat and get to know each other.



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